Children's Entertainment

Children's Entertainment

Winner of  the
UK Children's Entertainer of the Year 2007
International Children's Entertainer of the year 2009



Television clip used with the kind permission of ITV's Anglia Tonight

"Official!  Entertainer Michael's the best in the business"

Essex County Standard


Michael J Fitch


Michael still performs at Birthday Parties but is in great demand so please, do book early.


Michael entertains the whole family with a perfect mix of comedy and magic, and in 2007

was voted UK Children’s Entertainer of the year, followed by‘International Children’s

Entertainer of the year’ in 2009.

There is a street-wise cool image to his magic and unique style of entertainment. Children

enter a world of pure imagination as he brings drawings and toys to life and performs the

impossible, creating an event never to be forgotten.


Anyone who has ever seen Michael perform for children will appreciate how his audiences respond to the magical world he invents with their help. It is a world full of wonder, surprises, laughter and a real sense of magic.

Imagine the wonder as a child is asked to draw a picture and then that picture disappears from Michael's hands only to appear in the child's shoe!!

Witness the surprise as your child actually produces Gold coins from thin air!

Each and every child (not to mention the adults) is included in the fun, they will be entertained, fooled and charmed in equal measure by a polished and individual performance. Just as every audience is different; every performance is different and intuitively tailored to suit individual situations and requirements.

  • Because the children are treated with the respect that they warrant and are talked to using real language then they will enter into the magical world very quickly and will talk about the fun and magic for months afterwards.
  • The Birthday child is made to feel very special and is given one of Michael's Magic coins for helping in the show.
  • Enjoy the magic as the coin magically falls upwards and this very same magic coin is given as a gift - something that will be treasured.

Magic for everyone to enjoy .