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Friday 2nd July

Michael J. Fitch the Magician

Award-winning magician and star of Channel 4's Freaky is back at the Quay Theatre Sudbury for an evening packed with entertainment, from close-up magic (projected on to a big screen) to magic of the mind.

Witness how the hustlers use their skills with cards and street cons and be amazed as he demonstrates the powers of the mind from bending spoons to reading people's thoughts! We all know how great Michael is as a family entertainer; now get ready to see him perform some serious magic!

Michael's Blog

January 2010

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to a Magical Year,

If it is anything like last year then I will be Very Happy.

Last year I got to know my magic hero David Copperfield in las Vegas, and had an amazing tour of his museum, including Houdini's Props, this was one of most amazing experiences of my life.


I had the honor of interviewing David for  British magic magazine 'magicseen'.

I recently found out my interview will be in David's official autobiography out this year.

last year  I also won the title' International Children's Entertainer of the year'  at the worlds Largest magic convention in Blackpool, this was amazing and to top it off that evening I had dinner with David Blaine.


Michael J Fitch