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Dear Michael,

Just to say an enormous thank you for providing such fantastic entertainment for Keith's 40th Birthday.

It was always going to be difficult planning a party where the youngest guest is 9 months old, the oldest is nearly 97 and there are 90+ others somewhere in between.

We are sure people will be talking about you for years to come. The children were mesmerized by your act-and the adults too.

We did not expect EVERYONE to end up watching your children's show but you were too good just for the children.

You were the absolute highlight of the day.

We cannot believe our good fortune in being given your name and number and finding you had a space in your diary.

A million thanks to you, we will recommend you without hesitation.

Keith and Julie Mangum
Parents Supporting Parents area small charity based in Harwich that support families with disabled children.

We've hired Michael twice ,once for the children at Easter and yesterday (02/12/06) at an 'adults only' do for our parents we were delighted on both occasions with the fantastic standard of the performances.

The Easter show was both funny and jaw droppingly entertaining and was pitched at just the right level for all the children to understand including those with learning difficulties (the adults loved it too!) Yesterdays do was fantastic too , both hilarious and very,very clever it was amazing to hear people getting into their taxis home still trying to guess how the tricks were done - even my eighteen year old cynical son was won over.

Even the tedious raffle we held was made hilarious by Michael's running commentary (even though by general consensus we would rather have been enjoying the magic than winning whisks and embroidered pictures of sweetcorn!)

We will definately book again.
Debbie Lear

Dear Michael

Thank you for entertaining the children at our firms Christmas Party. The children had great fun. As I recall this is the third show I have seen you put on having been to other birthday parties where you were performing your magic and I must say it does not matter how often you see the performance it just gets better.

I am not sure what is more impressive the magic or your ability to keep 30 children completely captivated and entertained for 2 hours.

One director commented on the fact that he enjoyed the children's entertainment more than the main office party so I guess I will have to book you earlier next year for the main function.

Kind regards
Mark Iliffe,
Director; Strettons Chartered Surveyors

Dear Michael

Thanks for your input into last night's input into our school Awards evening. It really gave a lift to the whole event which otherwise could have been a rather stiff and formal event.

Everyone I have spoken to, from students, to parents, as well as staff and governors was blown away by your performances. I think some of the students will still be mesmerised by it for weeks to come-how did you get that card in the balloon?

We'll be contacting you again next year!

Peter Tomkins
Orwell High School

We had our party for Jade, Morgan and Scarlett yesterday and everyone (including the parents) was blown away by your performance. The children were completely enthralled throughout the entire show and there was a stampede as 65 children abandoned their party tea to get back for the second half.

The feedback from our friends was effusive and the whole experience surpassed our expectations and made it a unique and memorable party for the three birthday girls. I think they will be proud and boastful for months to come.

Morgan went to bed enchanted with her magical coin and has great faith in its miraculous powers. Her younger sister (Bethan) was just as enraptured and is so envious of the coin, is there any way that we could buy an extra one from you? It would really mean so much to her to have a magical coin to ward off the bad dreams.

Thank you so much
Wayne and Louise Davy

It's now two days since my brother's birthday party, and I am still worrying about how the coin got inside the bottle. You are either a genius or truly truly magic. I'm assuming it's the latter.

Thanks for such a fantastic show - you switch from children's to adults' entertainer with seamless grace, and while I continue to ponder the coin in the bottle, my three year old son persists in handing me his poodle-balloon and asking me to "do like the magic man"...

You are a truly classic and brilliant man. We can't wait to have a party of our own so we can see you perform again.

Very best wishes
Clare Petre-Azeem
I have booked Michael twice now: once for a Corporate event, where he superbly entertained 100 guests for over 2 hours and the second time for my twin boys' 5th birthday party - a much more demanding challenge! Michael is a natural entertainer and a fantastic magician - both audiences thought he was brilliant and I would not hesitate to recommend him for either type of event.
Mike Ball

Dear Michael and Helen

After seeing your magic show act at Marsh Farm several times throughout the course of the summer of '06 my friend and I couldn't wait to book you for a joint 3rd birthday party in Feb '07 for my son Harry and his friend Harry.

My Harry lets say is a little shy when it comes to joining in normally I have to peel him off my knee.

So you can imagine my emotions when I watched my little boy participate in the magic show and my disbelief to see him dressed up in wigs, glasses and blow up guitars acting out Busted, 'who crashed the wedding'.

It was the most fabulous and will always be one of my most memorable moments in Harry's growing up years, along with a few others of that evening - In fact I'm still smiling.

The children, parents and family are still talking about our party, can't thank you enough superb show, wondering if you're free for my 40th Feb 2008 - will be in touch.

Thank you to Helen for organizing our memorable event so smoothly, couldn't of asked for any more and I'm sure the other Harry's mum Natalie will be in touch.

Truly, truly happy
Debbie and Harry


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